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Radio Romance at Roundup Country Night Club

Radio Romance with special Guest Cody Lee, what a difference a year makes…

by John Lindsay –

RR FixIt was a little over a year ago I had the opportunity to put one of my favorite up and coming bands Radio Romance, together with a brand new artist Cody Lee on a show here at the ol’ Round Up. Well a lot has happened in a year so let’s catch up with them, since both are releasing new music here in November 2019.
Radio Romance has spent the last year as many before; touring, writing, recording, and releasing new music. In the year since that show, they have released 3 singles including “Sip You Slow”, “Sounds Like Us”, and “Like the Moon,” to increasing success. The video release of “Like the Moon” captured the #1 spot on the CMT 12 Pack Countdown for 5 weeks over the summer of 2019.
That brings us to the brand new duet titled “Fix.” Just released yesterday as I write this, it focuses on a couple at the point of break up, desperately looking for some reason to hold on, “something to Fix.” The outstanding performances by Sam Hayes and guest vocalist Amber Carrington, really accentuate the angst of the moment. Add in some nice piano work from drummer Moises Padilla and you have a haunting atmosphere of desperation and frustration. If you’ve ever been at that point of break up, questioning your decision, this song will hit you’re feels right in the heart. Don’t take my word for it; it’s available right now on Spotify, Apple Music, and Itunes. Give it a listen and you’ll be hooked. Get your “Fix” NOW!
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CodyAs for our friend Cody Lee, well it’s a slightly different path to his newest release.  Not long after his appearance, which we chronicled on our TV show “Country Daze,” Cody made a decision to move back home to the Atlanta area to continue chasing his dream.  And now a few months after his move he has settled in with a new band, a renewed energy, and a change of seasons (so jealous, lol.)  His brand-new single is “Messin’ With This Fire,” to be release on Nov. 27th, just in time for your holiday weekend.  Written by Cody and Todd Trombetta with Pete Masitti co-producing, this should build nicely on the success of his single “Bad Things” which has been getting some great radio play in Atlanta and across the country. “Messin’ With This Fire” is the story of a former flame, and the inability to move on.  Our young singer talks about getting burned constantly and yet still messing with this fire.   Look for more new releases from his upcoming self-titled EP.  If you’re lucky enough to be in the Atlanta area look out for Cody and his band performing near you.  This young man is in the early stages of what should be a musical story we’ll be talking about for a long time to come.

“Messin’ With This Fire” as I said hits on Nov. 27th, but you can pre-save or pre-order it now.

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