SMO 2.0 – This One’s For You

By Felix Casado –

I’m back with another interview! This time with the one and only SMO, who’s new album This One’s For You shows why he’s still on top of the Country Rap game! SMO shows the diversity when it comes to his music and fans. SMO takes it all the way with This One’s For You.  He calls it “Smo 2.0” and explains, “My last two albums came from having the freedom to be different from what people expected, but with this album my goal was to make something legendary for my fans.” 

To recapture the energy of his early work, SMO assembled the right team. David Ray, who produced the album, also co-wrote and sang on several tracks.  SMO says, “D-Ray is an amazing guy.  He runs a highly productive operation at  Dammit Boy Entertainment and is a veteran member of the group I4NI. He was able to bring back my original producer DJ Orig. Having Orig back in the pocket and D-Ray behind the wheel created the perfect atmosphere for a musical masterpiece.”

During our chat, I had a few questions for SMO. Check out what he had to say….


‘Boss 2.0’, your first track, is this a message to someone or just setting the haters straight?
 No, ‘Walked On’ was more of my track for the haters.  Boss 2.0 is a revisit to Boss of the Stix from a decade ago.


Your feature artists Cypress Spring, Lenny Cooper, David Ray…. How did Afroman come into play and how was that meeting?  Was he late because he was high?
Afroman is a friend of mine and it was great!  No he wasn’t late, he was incredibly professional and an extreme pleasure to work with.


Colorado Bound – a Pro Canabis song with Afroman — are you currently a supporter to legalize it nationwide? Would you ever venture into bringing Cannabis to country music in a positive way?
That’s exactly my intent with Colorado Bound.  As far as legalization nationwide, it’s out of my hands, but I can always hope for the best.


What are your thoughts about what’s going on with country rap? People are comparing it to mumble rap and feel it’s ruining the roots of what Hick-Hop music is. Do you see the change affecting the music?
I didn’t coin the title “country rapper”.  I’m just a rapper from the country.  I try to focus on me and stay in my own lane.
Working back in the studio with Colt Ford, how was that? Was there a different vibe that came into play inside the studio? 
How I Roll is the track on the album with Colt.  It was our first collaboration and it was done digitally.


You seem very forward to kick butt and take names in the music industry. If you had a chance to do a rap battle, who would you choose to rap against?
Actually, I didn’t become a rapper to battle with anyone.  I believe there’s room for everyone and I’m not a huge fan of all the competition.


‘Ready to fly’ – is that a self-motivational song, talking about past struggles, how to make it right and you are ready to fly, as it’s your time to shine and let the world know who SMO is? When did you know you needed to just go for it?
Ready to Fly is about coming to terms with mortality and accepting my own finality.  It’s also the third song of a sort of song trilogy from previous albums.


What do you think your new book, My Life In A Jar: The Book of Smo,  could bring to light that you haven’t said in your music? Or, is the book just explaining to the fans the words in your music? Also, what was the hardest thing you had to write and did you think twice about putting out for the world to see?
My book is an autobiography full of stories from my childhood, struggles from the early years, and a behind the scenes glimpse into the reality of being SMO.  I try to think twice about every decision I make, so yeah, but it’s for my fans who are always asking, “How did you become SMO?”

How did you pick your new album’s cover art?
It’s a picture of me when I was crawling out of a window and my mom caught me. It captures everything that I am- an innocent little dude with my shirt off, hair blowing in the wind, and a big smile on my face. When you’re that young, you can’t fake who you are.”


One of SMO’s favorite tracks on the album Tear Da Mud Up, a collaboration with Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul, is a blend of electronic techno and country rap.  Inspired by the variety of music at mud bogs, SMO found the sweet spot between rap and electronic music. “We wanted to make a country rap, dubstep record which has never been done. I call it mudstep.”’ 

In my opinion, This One’s For You is an album you want to jam out to anywhere you are no matter if it’s in the backwoods or just cruising down the street!  This album has it all.  MAKE SURE TO GET THE ALBUM!!

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