Songs I’m Diggin’ 3: Spring Forward

By John Lindsay-

Here we are spring and time for a fresh crop of new singles. So here we go songs I think you should check out.

Sometimes by Ciara Rae
Ciara sings a great song about being in a relationship and still remembering “that one”. Everyone has that “one” who got away, for whatever reason. “I hate myself sometimes…” because she has it all now but still thinks about “that guy”.

Drinkin’ Problem by Midland
This is a classic country song from one of the freshest new acts in Nashville. Keep your eyes on Midland; I expect big things from them.

Death Row by Chris Stapleton
This song from his new album “From a Room: Volume 1” is a haunting, blues laden masterpiece. Nothing I can write could do it justice, just go listen.

Good Company by Jake Owen
This is exactly the kind of guilty pleasure that drives traditionalists crazy. So catchy, so upbeat, so melodic, so not what they think country should be… but so well done. This is going to be a summer 2017 anthem whether you like it or not, so just give in and enjoy the fun!

Cheap Beer Years by Radio Romance
Got to give some love to my friends Radio Romance, their new single Cheap Beer Years is among their best to date. Dreaming of someday, while living our Cheap Beer Years is a universal song of hope. I still can’t understand how they haven’t been signed yet.

Book of Waylon by OSMR
From the new EP “Sweet Life” this is an ode to growth in country by reading the Book of Waylon. Just love this new tune from OSMR (aka the artists formerly known as Old Southern Moonshine Revival) using Waylon titles prominently in the lyrics.

Still Not Dead by Willie Nelson
Willie fights back at internet rumors with a fun track from his great new album “Gods Problem Child.” It’s always a good day when you wake up still not dead.

What if I Told You by Darius Rucker
It’s climbing the charts as I type this but I have to include it on this list as it really resonates with folks who may be hoping for acceptance despite a mountain of personal demons.

Wish You Were Here by Cody Jinks
It’s funny, as a diehard Pink Floyd fan this one had me cringing thinking about it. In fact I played it for another Floyd fan who had the expected “how dare he!” reaction. As it turns out, it’s a great version done with enough reverence to the original but in a different style that I dare say even the Floyd themselves would applaud. Cody Jinks is truly one of the bright lights of country music today.

Emily by the Tom Jackson Band
For those unfamiliar with Florida’s Tom Jackson Band, check out the first single from the EP “Knee Deep in Country.” Tom and the band are in top form with “Emily.”

Boy by Lee Brice
For some reason Lee Brice always seems to find songs that hit me right in the feels. I first heard “Boy” ironically enough on the day after my sons 8th birthday, so as you can imagine this hit home quickly. This song has the potential to be another huge hit, and the accompanying video featuring Mrs. Brice and their 2 boys is perfect.


These are just some random recent finds over the last couple of months that I thought worthy of your ear. So sit back turn them up and keep enjoying “Everything Country!”

About John Lindsay

John is one of our music reviewers here at Everything Country. He has been a DJ in radio, private events, and nightclubs since 1983 with a specialization in country music, dance, and nightclub management.