Stephanie Quayle Infuses Her Western Roots Into New EP, ‘If I Was A Cowboy’

Stephanie Quayle released her western-inspired EP, If I Was A Cowboy, Friday (10/4). The five-song project comes off as a positive journey of managing heartbreak, learning from mistakes, having fun, and finding one’s own purpose and potential in life. The EP as a whole was influenced by Quayle’s upbringing in Montana where she lived the cowboy life on a ranch.

“I’ve never felt more me from every aspect of my life, and I think that really honing into your authenticity takes the time that it takes, and you have to really cancel out the noise,” Quayle says of the project.

Nothing encapsulates the cowboy lifestyle more than the title and
lead track, “If I Was A Cowboy.” The tune, written by Nicolle Galyon, Ross Copperman, and Shane McAnally, finds Quayle searching for
that emotional peace that cowboys appear to possess.

“Our time is so precious and that cowboy state of mind is like,
‘You know what? You don’t have time to worry about this. You don’t have time to
stay in this,’” Quayle says. “Feel your heartbreak, feel your disappointment,
feel those emotions, but then allow yourself to move on. That’s the cowboy
state of mind that I grew up with. My mom would say get back up on the horse.
Wipe the tears, and get back on.”

That theme of getting back on the horse is present in other songs on the project including the high-flying “Evel Knievel” and the sassy “Second Rodeo.” However, Quayle takes a break from the introspection to have some fun in her current radio single, “Whatcha Drinkin ‘Bout.”

“It has so much personality and fun, and that acoustic guitar
that comes in midway through the bridge sends my brain into a different
stratosphere,” she says of the single. “Every single time we play that song
live, every time I listen to the recording, I’m obsessed with it. It’s just
country. It’s easy. I want you to be deep in thought and then I also want you
to be able to not have to think.”

After exploring many facets of life, If I Was A Cowboy culminates
with the inspiring “Untitled.” Written by Galyon, Copperman and Ashley Gorley,
the song serves as a reminder to the listener that the possibilities in this
life are endless, and that the story is still being written. That theme is what
Quayle hopes fans glean from the entire project.

“I want people to feel good, and I love creating music that
hopefully makes you feel a little bit grittier, a little bit tougher, and a
little bit more willing to take on the world,” she says.

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