Style Showcase 16

Hi friends! I haven’t shared an update since last week, but we are plugging along on the bathroom renovation. It’s been slow going the last week. Our original choice of a countertop (which was being installed last Wednesday) was cracked during fabrication so we had to make another choice and that took a few days to figure out. Installation is tomorrow for the new countertop, so we are rocking and rolling now. We had to wait until the counters are in before that wall of tile can go up, so I’m really hoping to wind up the contractor’s part on Friday and then we will take over and finish what we need to finish in there. Whew, bathrooms always take much longer than you think they are going to! I don’t know when a reveal post will be up, but I can’t wait to get there. Four weeks of renovation will wear you out, although I know some of you have been through much more than that. 

Every Tuesday, I’m joining this great group of ladies who are sharing more decorating inspiration with you. Many times it will be seasonal, but always good information that you may be interested in. These posts are meant to be inspirational, introduce you to other blogger friends, and add extra postings when I normally don’t post on these days, so I hope you enjoy!

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