The Annual 12 South Winter Warmer Back For Year Eight

Although the effects of winter has not quite hit middle Tennessee, the yearly Winter Warmer Whiskey Tabernacle kicked off with a festive crowd Friday Nov. 30th at Sevier Park in Nashville. The tented event played host through the weekend to many local, regional and national distilleries, including craft breweries with an emphasis on winter seasonals, stouts, porters and sours.

Friday’s whisky-centric standouts included George Dickle’s Tabasco Whisky, and although we were a bit hesitant, surprisingly, there was no chaser or mix needed. We boldly tasted it as a shot and it was deliciously smooth with a spicy finish.

On the more traditional side, we were introduced to Williamson County’s own H. Clark Distillery. The Tennessee Black and Tan was a pure representation of balance. Tennessee Black & Tan is the union of British beer and Scotch Whiskey traditions. Each bottle starts as an oatmeal stout ale that is twice distilled in a copper pot still and barrel aged to create a whiskey with big flavors of toasted malt and creamy chocolate.

On the sweeter, more dessert-oriented flavors, we fell in love with the Tennessee Legend Salted Caramel Whiskey.  Dangerous! Needless to say, we were thankful for Urban Grub serving up tasty delectables to accompany the Davidson Reserve signature cocktails they were representing.

Saturday’s tastings included many amazing craft beers, but Focus on the 615 was drawn to the Tennessee Brew Works and George Dickel collaboration.  Last week on Nov. 30, the duo released Tennessee Brew Works Vintage TENN. NO. 12 Imperial Porter aged in George Dickel No. 12 whisky barrels, which will be available for purchase at the Tennessee Brew Works Taproom and Cascade Hollow Distillery in Tennessee.

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