The Lacs Announce New Album – American Rebelution

By Felix Casado –

You guys have been asking, “what’s up with The Lacs?” Well, here’s the album that will not only show you a different side of The Lacs, but show you what they stand for and that’s…… AMERICA!!! The all mighty RED, WHITE and BLUE.. So, buy yourself and 24 pack, drive to a bonfire and CRANK this album up! But first, here’s a Q & A I had the pleasure in doing with the guys.


EC- You guys have been together since the early 2000’s, 17 years in the business. How difference is your music from your first album to your latest , American Rebelution?

LACS – It’s a lot different.  We didn’t know anything about music when we started. We just wrote and recorded. We had a lot of five to six minute songs because we had no structure. Now we are students of music and know what we want and what sound we want before we record.

EC- Why the Title American Rebelution and what are you trying to tell your fan base with this album?

LACS – We choose “AMERICAN REBELUTION” because we felt it was just a big sounding title, and it means we are proud to be American, proud of our heritage and flag. We’re proud of our patriotism.

EC- Having a large fan Base, how do you, as a rising group that has set the limits high for many newcomers, keep your fans happy? How do you give back to the many fans?

LACS – We are just us 24-7. We never turn down autographs or pictures with our fans. We always give it everything we have on stage.

EC- You have a track with Montgomery Gentry. How was it working with them and any other plans on doing any cameos or having someone you would like to record a track with?

LACS – It was great working with Montgomery Gentry. They are legends and super down to earth guys, and very easy to work with. We’ve always dreamed of working with Hank Jr.

EC- Whats next? For the Lacs, besides the hectic tour and the album dropping? Are you guys looking into doing cameos, anything for the TV fans, movies or just sticking to music and dropping another album next year?

LACS – We just started our own record label called Dirt Rock Empire and clothing company called Dirtbagz. We have a number of artists signed to our label already and look forward to dropping dirt rock artists albums this year. The first to drop will be Hardtarget this coming May.

EC- What’s the last song you heard that made you stop and think about Life, love or just a personal memory, and what kind of impact did it make?

LACS – Justin Moore’s “Grandpa” — it made me miss mine.

EC- The First track ‘American Rebelution’,  you guys  recite the  Pledge of  Allegiance. Why and how does that tie into the rest of the album? Is there a reason why? Political or personal?

LACS – It’s just something we felt needed to happen at the time we wanted to show “Hollywood” we didn’t stand with them on kneeling or bashing of the national anthem, pledge, or the flag

EC- Revolution (with a “v”) is the correct spelling, but you changed the “V” to a “B” for the end result being “Rebelution”. Why the change and is there a meaning to the change?

LACS – Because we feel like we are rebels in music and life.  We go against the grain, not with the crowd and stick to our guns and what we believe in.

So everyone…, do you feel like a Bald Eagle, wrapped in an American flag ready to blast this album in your truck, car, smart car (please don’t have one of those…) ? You get what I mean. These guys have grown from their first album to this REBELUTION !! So spread the word, “MERICA”!

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