Turning Your Country Home Into A Cozy Winter Retreat

by Cassie Steele –


Winter in the American countryside is truly a spectacular picture. Country homes look stunning when they’re surrounded by snow. However, for the 60 million Americans who are lucky enough to live in rural America, every effort needs to be made to ensure that their home is prepared for the coldest season of the year. After all, a particularly bad winter could cut you off from mainstream towns and cities. Therefore, when it comes to getting organized for the holidays, save enough time to get your country home winter-ready too.

Pile up the soft furnishings

Staying warm in the winter is essential when you live in the country because the air, surface and soil temperatures are colder than in urban areas. Wrapping up in blankets on the sofa is the perfect way to spend cold winter nights, especially after a long day foraging for food in the local area. Wool blankets in warming colors such as red, yellow and orange will keep you extra warm. And when they’re not in use they’ll make your sitting room look nice and cozy. Meanwhile, laying a rug on the floor will heat up the cold wooden floors traditionally found in country homes.

Get your fire ready 

Winter isn’t winter without a cozy fireplace to snuggle up in front of. With colder than average temperatures predicted this upcoming winter, it’s time to dust off your fireplace and ensure it’s in top condition. Luckily countrymen and women have ample access to firewood. Therefore, now is the time to bring your logs inside and create a tasteful, convenient and beautiful stack of logs beside your fireplace. Then, as soon as the temperature drops, you can easily create a fire to make your home warm and toasty.

Choose ambient lighting 

In the countryside, there are no street lights to rely on for extra light. Thankfully, this adds to the coziness and seclusion of your beloved home. However, to create a snug atmosphere inside your property, you’ll need to install the perfect winter lighting. Low-level lighting in the form of stylish yet traditional lamps is the best way to achieve a homely, effective and mood-enhancing home this winter. Meanwhile, putting fairy lights and freshly collected pinecones from the nearby woods in various sized vases will add an extra sparkle to your home.

Country homes are made for the cold winter weather. But, to ensure your home remains snug this upcoming season, pack it full of soft furnishings, get your fire ready and install soft, warming lighting to really set the mood.


Cassie Steele is a freelance writer and frequent contributor to Everything Country.

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