Video Captures New York Man Rescuing Two Dogs from Frozen Reservoir

OutdoorHubVideo Captures New York Man Rescuing Two Dogs from Frozen Reservoir

Rescuing Two Dogs

These days, the internet seems to be flooded with bad news after bad news. So, if you need something uplifting to restore your faith in humanity, allow this incredible footage of a man rescuing two dogs from a frozen pond to turn your mood around.

This icy rescue took place in Yonkers, New York after two dogs fell through the ice on the Irvington Reservoir in Westchester County. New Yorker Timofey Yuriev happened to be walking his Golden Retriever along the same frozen reservoir when he saw what had happened. Having experience with cold water rescue situations, Timofey immediately took action.

He ripped off his shirt, jumped in the frigid cold water, and with his retriever, Kira, by his side every step of the way, swam out to assist the troubled dogs.

Another walker who realized what was happening captured the whole thing on video:

“I was looking at them and I realized, alright, so.. the rescuer, they will come maybe in 10, 15 minutes. Yuriev told NBC New York. “The dogs might have hypothermia,” he said.

Yuriev then tapped into the training he received from his grandfather in Siberia, and prepared for the icy plunge with deep breathing exercises. “Because of my past, I used to live in Siberia – my grandfather, a hunter, he taught me how to stand cold, and how to prepare yourself,” he recalled.

Ultimately, he cautions how swimming in freezing temperatures can be extremely dangerous, and doing so without proper training is not recommended.

“If you’re not sure, ask somebody else, because you might cause more damage than good,” he said.

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