Welcome To The “Friend Zone”

By Sal Verini –

Ahh yes… the “Friend Zone”. Even the hottest of men and women on the planet have experienced it at one time or another. So, what better than to do a song about just that? A song with lyrical content that many, if not everyone, can relate to. Well, the Nashville-based country music singer Ciara Rae felt it a befitting topic and did just that. Ciara specifically wanted to push this message to her female fans since, as she stated, ” what girl hasn’t had a guy stringing her along and just NEEDED to be “friend-zoned”?”.

The irony of Ciara Rae releasing a cover of “Friend Zone” to preview her new southern rock/country/pop sound before releasing her new music (which includes collaborations with the people she’s been working with in Nashville), is the original song by Danielle Bradbery is currently getting bad reviews. “Regardless of what people say, the song ‘Friend Zone’ is very cool, current, relatable and rhythmically appealing. Sometimes songs like this bring us back to a moment in time, even if they don’t become classics like “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt. Their beat and relevancy make us enjoy it for now. I heard ‘Friend Zone’ in my head a different way. I decided to take what I thought were bits and pieces of great songwriting and turn it into a product my friends and I loved and thought others would too”, she stated.

Ciara claims that even in Nashville, she sometimes feels a bit “friend-zoned”. But, realistically who hasn’t? Jason Aldean, Kelsea Ballerini, Sam Hunt, and Tim McGraw all had to pound the pavement to earn the spot they’re in today. “That’s why this place (Nashville) builds character and makes you or breaks you to become a better writer, performer, technician, publisher, or whatever your case may be.

Ciara believes that whether romantically or professionally, everyone has been “friend-zoned” at some point… placed in some other type of box by someone else you don’t believe you deserve to be in. “I’ve become comfortable in that skin… in the box of an outsider and a misfit. It’s no longer a role I have to drag along with me. It’s something to wear like a pair of purple ’60’s boots (which I admittedly have). When you finally embrace it…. you fly. You literally fly in all your creative directions.”

As one would imagine, Ciara has had an immense amount of support and love through family,  friends and fans in South Florida while she goes through what she calls “….the chaos of me finding my voice as an artist and my place in this business. My fans and supporters deserve to hear who I’m becoming. Don’t get me wrong I always have been (and will be) genuine and honest. But, just like any other creative, we grow and our voices become louder, stronger and more genuine. I’ve dived deep into the songwriting scene, the Nashville scene, and my heart to give you songs to bring you peace, some fun and more understanding of your own self. Give me a chance and follow and wait and see. January 2016 here we come. It’s finally about to be here.”

So, do yourself a favor and check out the live version of Ciara’s “Friend Zone”, lensed in the one-take format. Sit back, listen to the lyrics and relate to the song and what it stands for in your life’s past, present and quite possibly the future. We’ve all been there (and placed some people there admittedly). Let it resonate while getting a little preview to Ciara Rae’s new, and much anticipated, vocal sound.


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