What Makes Someone “Country”?

— By Michael Anthony Gagliardi

What makes you country? I thought this would be a good topic to talk about since I often hear many say to another person, “you aren’t country.” So what makes someone country? I think that’s a good question and I think I can answer that,  or at least give you my opinion on the issue.

Many country folks might feel that you have to be born and raised in the country, on a farm and have a country draw to be true country. Many might say it’s what you wear or even what you drive that makes you “country”. Also, many might say they ride horses, go to rodeos, like country music, like country food, love to line dance and even get crazy about NASCAR racing. True all these things are pretty typical if you are a country girl or country boy, but that’s not all what makes you true country in my opinion.

So what is my opinion in this? Well, I truly believe Country is in your heart… period. You don’t have to be born in the country to be country. You can fall in love with it just like you can fall in love with someone. You can be a city slicker one day, then fall in love with country in your heart the next day and begin becoming a country girl or country boy. Like I said, country in your heart and you have to love it regardless if you’re born “city” or down home country folk. I’m sure someone born in the country might argue this, but like I said, if it’s not in your heart it really dosn’t matter anyways. All I can tell you is that I enjoy everything country and hope you do too.



About Mike Gagliardi

Mike is an esteemed self published Christian author of “A Divine Connection With A Message From God” as well as a motivational speaker. Born and raised here in South Florida, Mike also lived in Tennessee and Georgia for many years before moving back to South Florida.