Maggie Baugh

Who is Maggie Baugh?

By Sal Verini –

For those of you who’ve never heard of Maggie Baugh, trust me you’re missing out. Until about a month or so ago I too was one of those individuals. But then it changed. I was covering the band Old Southern Moonshine Revival that was playing at my favorite haunt, Roundup Country Western Club in Davie, Florida and Maggie was the opening act.

Confident and full of energy, Maggie took the stage and worked the crowd with her guitar playing and entertained us all by singing various popular cover songs. But then it happened… she busted out her violin! Now as a violinist myself, I can appreciate that particular instrument perhaps a tad better than the average country boy or girl. Admittedly it has a special place in my heart, so I sat back and watched…

Maggie BaughWell she just absolutely killed it! I see why she was invited to jam with Charlie Daniels onstage at one of his concerts. This girl has talent and it will only evolve. Now, you may ask why I talk about her talent evolving. Well… she’s only 14 years old! When I interviewed Maggie backstage, she was quick to let me know she’ll be 15 in a few weeks… but she’s 14 any way you cut it. And packing that kind of talent at a tender age of 14 is astonishing. I can’t imagine how much talent will be there when she umm… graduates high school!

Maggie picked up the violin in 2006, when she was 6 years old, and began training in both classical violin and fiddle. She has opened in South Florida for Cole Swindell, Montgomery Gentry, John Anderson, Cowboy Troy, Old Southern Moonshine Revival and I’m sure many, many more to come. One thing’s for sure… I’m a big fan of hers now. Learn more about Maggie Baugh by visiting her website.

Maggie Baugh at Roundup Country Western Club

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