By Sal Verini –

Seriously… Tyler… Brian… wtf??? As someone with a law enforcement background I have to say I am very disappointed with you guys for your behavior toward the police there to protect you at the Country Thunder Musical Festival in Kenosha, Wisconsin. For a bunch of Southern-boys, your respect factor was quite low and needs a revamp.

For those of you who are not already familiar what occurred the other day, let’s briefly break it down as there are plenty of detailed accounts of what happened. But, here is the abridged version; FGL was performing at Country Thunder when their (FGL’s) people told the local law enforcement, there to protect them incidentally, that no law enforcement were allowed backstage while they were on the grounds, including at one point threatening to cancel their performance if their demands were not met, so the mainstream media reports.

Now, if we give you two the benefit of the doubt and assume that perhaps this request/demand came from a roadie or someone in FGL’s tour management, you guys would get a free pass from me. But, it happened yet again in Jones County, Iowa where you echoed the same conditions to law enforcement. So, is it safe to say you knew exactly what happened?

These men and women protectors are there at your concert, and every other one, not because they wanna hear you perform, but to protect you from harm. And, clearly you need protecting as you then had the audacity to request a police escort out of town, which thankfully was denied by law enforcement. As one of my favorite lines from the movie “Let’s Be Cops” so eloquently states, “that’s what you get!”.

So, Tyler and Brian… you wanna make it up to law enforcement (who incidentally has a rather high population of country guys and gals serving and protecting), let’s start by apologizing for real this time before they delete all your songs off their phones and computers. Secondly, why don’t you do a fund raiser for the fallen officers of Dallas, Louisiana, and other states and lift your “ban” of law enforcement backstage… unless you have something to hide back there? (insert visual of Dr. Evil raising pinky to his lip here)





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