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Mark Burke – “When It Comes To You”


by John Lindsay – Let me tell you a story I’ve been waiting to tell for a long time.  Vero Beach, Florida (also home to Jake Owen) native Mark Burke provided me one of the cooler work experiences I’ve ever had.   One of the things I love to do at my job is surprise random people at shows with artist ...

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Quarantine Country


by John Lindsay – Here it is the soundtrack of the Summer you likely haven’t heard on the radio.  While the world quarantined in early 2020, the writing and recording continued. So here are a few of the noteworthy new releases flying under the radar in this Summer of 2020! Craig Morgan – The Mask It’s the hottest debate of ...

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Muddigger 11, Music to get dirty with!

Mud digger

by John Lindsay – Several years back while working at the Round Up Nightclub, I was introduced to the phenomenon known as mudding.  First, as a manager wondering why numbers were down during these “Mudfest” weekends and secondly, as an introduction to a new style of country morphed with a sense of hip hop. Here we sit today 11 Volumes ...

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Let’s talk about the “Best Years”


By John Lindsay — It is May and high school students’ thoughts turn towards graduation.  A time of infinite possibility and the turning of the page into adult life.  It seems this time lends a perfect backdrop for the latest single release from country newcomer Cody Lee.  “Best Years” written by Todd Tombetta, Tommy Dalton, and Cody Lee is based ...

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Can Living in the Country Enhance Your Spirituality?


by Cassie Steele –   If you ever thought that seeing the dazzling colors of the aurora borealis or the majesty of the Grand Canyon transported you to a spiritual state of mind, science has actually proven your right. One study by researchers at Michigan State University, for instance, found that children who spend more time outdoors are more spiritual than ...

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Radio Romance with special Guest Cody Lee, what a difference a year makes…

Radio Romance

by John Lindsay – It was a little over a year ago I had the opportunity to put one of my favorite up and coming bands Radio Romance, together with a brand new artist Cody Lee on a show here at the ol’ Round Up. Well a lot has happened in a year so let’s catch up with them, since ...

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Chris Young’s Single “Drowning”


by Kristina Evans –   For anyone who knows me personally, knows I love Chris Young and his music.  You might say I’m obsessed.  It also goes without saying that I love his new single “Drowning.” Young recently released the music video for this hit song that is resonating with his fans all over the globe.  It brings out real ...

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SMO 2.0 – This One’s For You


By Felix Casado – I’m back with another interview! This time with the one and only SMO, who’s new album This One’s For You shows why he’s still on top of the Country Rap game! SMO shows the diversity when it comes to his music and fans. SMO takes it all the way with This One’s For You.  He calls it ...

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Feeding Your Working Dog A Natural Diet


by Cassie Steele –   The majority of dog owners feed their pets commercial dog food, either in the form of canned meat, or dry kibble biscuits. These are convenient and easy to come by; however, it might not be best diet for a working dog who goes hunting and fishing, as they require a diet that is high in ...

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Are Rural Properties a Financially-Sound Investment?


by Cassie Steele – Rural properties present a unique challenge for investors. They have certain things going for them, but they also have some drawbacks that investors need to be aware of going in. Rural properties tend to be much cheaper than urban properties, for example, but they also tend to sell slower because of that same limited audience. Key Benefits Rural properties ...

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Spring Time, new beginnings, new life, & New Country!

Ciara Rae

by John Lindsay –   Jake Owen – Greetings from Jake The new album from Jake Owen is sure to be a mainstay of cookouts, parties, and summertime fun for 2019.   This feel good collection is the perfect kickoff for the summer with upbeat songs and catchy hooks galore.  You won’t find tear jerking songs of heartache and misery, this ...

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Treat Your Momma Right with These Gift Ideas


by Cassie Steele – As Southerners, we know that the most important person in your life is your momma. That’s why hunting for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day is quite the daunting task: how do you find a gift as perfect as your mom? Go beyond traditional mother’s day gifts with these suggestions. From indoor plants (a departure from ...

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