Choosing Art: Personalize Your Home with Artwork

Art is such a personal thing to add to our homes and it can really personalize your space so much. So my motto is have fun with art, don’t take it too seriously, and make sure you really love it. I think if you bring home art you love, your house take on your personality and what you love to surround yourself with.

When Mark and I got married almost 3 years ago, our households combined as well as our artwork. We each have personal taste in art. Some of our tastes are similar and some are not. We both love watercolors, so that’s a common ground we share. He favors winter scenes. I favor lake, water scenes, and landscapes. I love botanicals. He loves big graphic posters and has plenty of those in his man cave. I’ll include a few pics of his man cave too. In the main part of the house, we’ve tried to mix both our styles to create a personal gallery of art in our home that is unique to us and both of our tastes. So today I’m sharing our artwork and how we choose art to display in our home. Again, art is very personal and we all have to choose what fits our style and personality best. Mark’s original watercolors are displayed in the family room and the rest of the main floor shows more of my taste in art. Mark’s man cave is filled with his poster art and his love of original watercolors, but I won’t show all of those in this post.

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