Spring 2016 Single Reviews

By John Lindsay –

Time for some new Ear Candy!

After taking a little spring break it’s time to brag on some new singles that have crossed the email (I remember saying desk…but then again I’m old, lol) over the last month.  Here are a few new songs from artists that you may not have heard of, but are worth checking out.  .

Leslie Cours MatherLeslie Cours Mather – That Was the Whiskey

Here’s a fun rocking’ upbeat song that should easily find its way into club rotations and is begging for a line dance.  It’s the third single from an upcoming EP called, “Countrified.”  As Leslie says It’s about this good Christian girl who goes out and parties one night, and finds out she likes it. You get to be a character for three or four minutes, and for me, I get to become somebody else for a few minutes. You get to be a character for three or four minutes, and for me, I get to become somebody else for a few minutes.”  If this is the lead track, the full EP is definitely one to take a listen to. 





Broseph E Lee EP


Broseph E. Lee – Right Where She Wants Me

One of my favorite finds of this spring is the Midwest band called Broseph E. Lee.  The Brosephs are a talented, and energetic group of musicians and songwriters just coming into their own.  Their current single is a catchy radio friendly tune that has me asking, why aren’t they signed?  They are frequent performers at the World Famous Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, and constantly touring the Midwest building the #BroNation.   The Brosephs are a band to watch in 2016.




levi-lowreyLevi Lowery – One Good Year

Singer/songwriter Levi Lowery has come back with a great new song called “One Good Year.”  Levi, who co-wrote the Zac Brown Band hit “Colder Weather,” has a stellar new ballad on his hands.  It’s a search for help in getting “One Good Year” which is something the narrator can’t seem to accomplish on his own.  This song is both heartfelt and melodic and as the lead track to a new album, leaves the listener searching for more from this up and coming artist.




Josh GoodletJosh Goodlett – I Don’t Usually Do This

Kentucky native Josh Goodlett has released a new single catching ears and getting noticed called “I Don’t Usually Do This.”  As an artist who cherishes traditional hometown and family values, Goodlett writes about the things he believes in, with a little love and humor thrown in, on his upcoming debut album.  He is another of the names to watch in 2016.






trailor_choirThe Trailer Choir – Ice Cold Summer

The Trailer Choir is back with another great summer party anthem.  Singing loud and proud and loving a little adult refreshment, these guys return with a song sure to be the hit of your tailgate, beach date, or backyard BBQ.  The hits “Rockin’ the Beer Gut” and “Off the Hillbilly Chain” show these guys know how to have fun, bring the party, and this single continues that theme.  Look for their full length debut album for their new label Average Joes later this year.; IG: @trailerchoirofficial; Twitter@TrailerChoir


demun-jonesDemun Jones – Bronco

For those of you who may skew a little more towards the country rap end of the spectrum, few have done it as well as Demun Jones.  With a new album entitled #Beast heading out soon, this lead track is collaboration between fellow rapper Jelly Roll and Demun.  Bumpin’ bass and the catchy hook “Buck it like a Bronco” should make this a mainstay in the clubs and parties all summer long.  Look for Demun and the Moonshine Bandits burning up stages this summer on the “Live the Madness” tour.


These are just some random (quite random actually) finds over the last month.  Country music seems headed back to the fork in the road.  Go left for tradition, and right for pop… unless you are truly daring and choose the dirt road and mud path in between.  Follow your arrow, sit back turn up the sound and keep listening to “Everything Country.”


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