The LACS release their new single ‘Floating’ on the New Mud Digger 7 album

By Felix Casado –

It’s time for some new ‘Ear Candy’ from your favorite Country Rap Duo, THE LACS!!!

Going from “Kickin up Mud” to “Wylin” to now “Floating” down a river with a beer in hand, The Lacs latest single “Floating”, dropping on September 2nd, is one of many artists to be featured on Average Joe’s Mud Digger Volume 7.

These guys are on the right path to greatness, not only with their lyrics, but with the music itself. ‘Floating’ has a different approach in the beat, rhythm and originality. Unlike their previous songs, ‘Floating’ brings a new vibe and outlook to summer fun.

This is what makes their single “Floating” perfect for this year’s Summer JAM. Who doesn’t like floating down a river with friends, music and BEER! You can’t go wrong with that kind of combination. We all need to just pack up and as the song says “it’s been a long week of work, need to drown my troubles in, Cold beer, cold creek and slow down”. Well if you’ve had that kind of week just put this track in your mud truck and head out! Live life to the fullest by taking your time floating down a creek! Don’t rush to much to the party, you don’t want to drop that beer or even your floating cooler! Haha!

What can I say, The Lacs haven’t disappointed yet and with this new single it’s going to put them on top of their game. With a mix between Hip Hop, Country and the boys from The Lacs, you have what we like to call “Bad A** Music”.

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