Treat Your Momma Right with These Gift Ideas

by Cassie Steele –

As Southerners, we know that the most important person in your life is your momma. That’s why hunting for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day is quite the daunting task: how do you find a gift as perfect as your mom? Go beyond traditional mother’s day gifts with these suggestions. From indoor plants (a departure from the traditional flower bouquet), candles, to treating her to an experience, these gifts will leave a lasting smile on your mother’s face.

Gifts Meant to Last

The traditional cookie-cutter gift of a bouquet of flowers with a box of chocolates is an easy go-to for mother’s day. What’s not to like, right? However, once the flowers are dead and the chocolates are gone your mom’s gift is no more Why not treat her to a gift with longevity? Consider for instance, gifting her a candle that will not only last longer than a flower bouquet, but the lingering scent will remind her of you every time she lights it. Candles are not only useful for making a statement in the home, but your mom will much more enjoy the relaxation of a warm candle and a book, then that temporary bite of chocolate.

Mom’s With the “Green Thumb”

Still stuck on the idea of a plant for your garden-loving mom? Turn to a house plant or a succulent. Succulents last year-round, rain or snow, and are perfect indoor plants for anyone. They add natural greenery in the room, require little upkeep and watering, and last much longer than even outdoor plants. Opt for a jade plant or agave for simple natural greens. If you’re mom is a sucker for pinks, consider the vibrant schlumbergera succulent. All you’ll need is a position by the window with a draining pot, and you’ve got yourself the perfect gift for your mom.

Treat Her to an Experience

Other unique gift ideas to show your mother how much you love her is by treating her to an experience. Give your mom the gift of something she would never do herself: a facial, a massage, or a pampering experience. The best types of gifts are gifts someone would never go out of the way to give themselves. Make your mom feel special with a pampering spa experience, and she will take some much needed time for herself.

Regardless of what you choose to make your mom feel valued this mother’s day, what’s important is how loved she feels. Whether a fresh linen candle, a massage, or a cute little succulent; opt-out of the traditional mother’s day gifts to show her that you care.

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